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Most of your costs come after the sale; your only direct out-of-pocket costs are creative design and paying for an affiliate manager. You could always go without the manager, if you think you can control affiliates on top of every other day-to-day activity you're responsible for. You could even go without creative design, if you're willing to trust third parties (who want to maximize their profits) with your brand's design.

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REAL affiliates don't take untested offers. Sure, there are networks that will take your offer, along with a hefty prepay. But if you haven't tested your offer (by actually marketing to it), the best affiliates won't take it. They're running a business, not gambling.

Affiliates have to be managed (NOT micro-managed) consistently. They need to know when the site or creative changes, compliance requirements change, and their traffic must be monitored for quality. Affiliate traffic requires anti-fraud measures in place; even well-vetted (and/or well-respected) affiliates may mistakenly (or otherwise) send fraudulent leads. While fraud measures are always important, adding affiliates to the mix increases the number of fraud opportunities.

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Are you ready to develop your corporate identity, freshen up your media kit, and take your presentations to the next level? You've come to the right place!

Need a new media kit...or an entire new look? Trust our designers to provide you with your stunning new corporate identity. Our design team will build your new look.

We can develop each project individually or provide the template and source files. We recommend you leave all the development to us, so your corporate culture shines thorugh your brand new corporate identity!

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