Custom Coding

We Develop For You

Are you looking for a turnkey system...or to build your own custom solution from the ground up? We specialize in web-based solutions to your problems. Our programmers and system administrators are fluent in common OSes, server software, programming languages, libraries, and databases.

At an additional cost we will host (fully managed, semi-managed, and unmanaged solutions) and/or provide hourly tech support and/or system administration services for your servers.

Platform and Language Independent

We develop web, mobile, and desktop applications for Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. While we have a specific set of languages we prefer, if you have specific needs we will build to your spec.

System Integrations

Your One-Stop View

Every client gets access to daily statistical reports through our custom dashboard which integrates all of our diverse tracking platforms. You can even opt-in to daily email stats if you prefer.

Custom Integrations

Whether you just want your platform integrated into the dashboard or you have a plan for something far more in-depth, we can build it.

We also provide software recommendations and handle other third-party integrations.


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