New Products

Product Design

Start from Scratch

Perhaps you have a concept in mind for what you want to create. We take that concept to a complete product design (we even design packaging geared toward your target audience).

Don't let your lack of artistic design or marketing knowledge adversely affect your vision! You provide the concept, we provide the design, enabling you to move onto the next steps and make your product reality.

Product Development

From Concept to Reality

Our contacts with manufacturing companies around the world will make your product a reality. We can manufacture nearly anything, limited only by your imagination and budget.

Product Distribution

Got Distribution?

Are you looking for offline placement in addition to (or even in place of) online? Our distribution network can get your product placed. We've helped launch several hard products...why are you still waiting?

It doesn't even matter if your product is mainstream or niche...we can place it! We give you access to a wide variety of retail outlets; after all, everyone wants the "next big thing!" Maybe that's your next product...but you won't find out unless you get it distributed!


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