Digital Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Low risk, high reward

Affiliate marketing leverages others' efforts to develop leads for or make sales of your product or service. You pay for performance, not media. You get access to traffic with "traffic managers" (affiliates) already familiar with their sources; they know what they should spend and how much they should make off that spend.

Most of your costs come after the sale; your only direct out-of-pocket costs are creative design and paying for an affiliate manager. You could always go without the manager, if you think you can control affiliates on top of every other day-to-day activity you're responsible for. You could even go without creative design, if you're willing to trust third parties (who want to maximize their profits) with your brand's design.

Why would I market any other way?

REAL affiliates don't take untested offers. Sure, there are networks that will take your offer, along with a hefty prepay. But if you haven't tested your offer (by actually marketing to it), the best affiliates won't take it. They're running a business, not gambling.

Affiliates have to be managed (NOT micro-managed) consistently. They need to know when the site or creative changes, compliance requirements change, and their traffic must be monitored for quality. Affiliate traffic requires anti-fraud measures in place; even well-vetted (and/or well-respected) affiliates may mistakenly (or otherwise) send fraudulent leads. While fraud measures are always important, adding affiliates to the mix increases the number of fraud opportunities.

Display Advertising

Leverage our buying power

Sure, anyone can purchase display ads from a publisher. But if you're not buying massive volume, you better know EVERYTHING about your target audience...because you're going to be bidding on that traffic!

Did you know? Automated media auctions are the standard in today's display market. Buy through us and take advantage of our volume discounts and purchasing power. We even put a real live human on your campaigns...whose only job is to improve your performance!

You get more ads—and better ROI—for every dollar spent with our media buyers servicing your account.

We do it better

Whether you've got channels in mind or you've never bought an ad in your life, our buyers will help you through the process. We'll take your input and your budget, combine it with our knowledge, and give you a media plan to explode your ROI.

Stop wasting time trying to put together a media plan, purchasing ad space, and figuring out what works and what doesn't, which placements give you which value, and on and on and on... You need to spend your time improving your product(s), supporting your customers, and scaling your business. Leave the ad management to us.

Email Marketing

Where else can you get a 4,300% ROI?

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) estimates email offers an ROI of $43 for every $1 spent...that's a staggerign 4,300% ROI. Are you getting those kind of returns? Why not?

It's time to get off the couch and onto the email train. You want a bandwagon, we have one for you...but hop on blind and you'll lose your shirt. Email is a veritable minefield of compliance issues and cutthraot competition. Is your ESP (Email Service Provider) up-to-date on compliance? Are they giving you top-shelf service or are you scraping the bottom, "hoping" to inbox?

Compliance, Spammers, and Suits...oh my!

CAN-SPAM compliance is pretty commonplace these days, and if your ESP doesn't offer it, get out and FAST! Our in-house mailers were compliant before Congress passed any laws!

Advertisers, do you maintain your own suppression lists in addition to what your mailers keep track of? Do you have a list manager taking care of that for you (and if so, how good is the job they're doing)? Do they offer you real transparency? Or do you have no clue what's going on (whether or not you "want" to "need" to).

Just as there are bad mailers ("spammers"), there are bad recipients...people who specifically try to interfere with legitimate emailers. These guys want a fight, because they think they can win in court (and many have). We keep bad recipients at bay with internal and industry-standard blacklists as well as constant sanitation of our data. We even manage your data on a revenue share or flat-rate CPM basis.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile is growing exponentially!

NetMarketShare reports mobile devices accounting for more than 10% of all browsing by the end of 2012. Forrester estimates there will be 1,000,000,000 (that's one BILLION) smartphone and tablet users as soon as 2016.

Consumers are initializing research on their mobile devices, providing a welcome opportunity...and virgin real estate...for anyone willing to expand into this new frontier. Learning from the "Wild West" days of early Internet Marketing, the FTC and other regulatory bodies are constantly changing the compliance landscape. Make sure your providers are in-line with these changes!

Mobile is expanding into other channels, too. Facebook mobile currently enjoys 54% penetration...and in a proactive move purchased Instagram, Glancee, and Gowalla.

Virgin Markets

Many African nations' Internet access relies heavily (more than 50%, and often closer to 80%) on mobile devices. Mobile gives you access to markets where PC ownership is inconvenient or non-existent.

Never explore new markets without knowing what you're doing...ESPECIALLY when it comes to international markets. They may be ready for your product or service, but you MUST know and understand the culture before approaching.

Device adoption varies greatly from carrier to carrier and country to country (even amongst the same carrier in different countries). Don't get fouled by local customs or differing systems. We guide you to your next untapped treasure!

Search Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Also known as "paid" or "inorganic" search, SEM involves in-depth keyword research, complex competitive analysis, and constant monitoring to maintain and optimize your performance. Common paid solutions include Google's AdWords and Microsoft's Bing. Effin A Media is a Google Engage Agency.

Search offers one of the most responsive solution available to any advertiser. Your prospects and future customers are already looking for specific products and services. SEM provides implied recommendations through "featured" search results in popular engines.

Search Engine Optimiztion (SEO)

"Organic" search marketing involves an onsite and an offsite component to improve ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). Properly maintained SEO offers one of the highest ROIs in online marketing. SEO applies to the same places that SEM does, primarily Google and Bing (although other search engines exist and become more popular).

While there is no "direct" cost associated with SEO, the labor is far more intensive than SEM. Search engines constantly optimize their algorithms to provide users with the best experience possible.

The offsite portion of SEO primarily covers the quantity and [especially] quality of links to your site. The onsite portion covers everything from unique content to website structure to the presence of sitemaps without negatively affecting user-friendliness. If customers cannot easily purchase your products or services, all that work was for nothing.

Social Media

The Social Experience

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media "hangouts" have far reach and without doubt can change the course of events. Both are credited as key to the Arab Spring uprisings of 2011, and Facebook was central to the Kony 2012 campaign.

"Kony 2012" displays both the strength of a solid viral campaign unleashed on social media and the potential backlash when presenting consumers with false (and increasingly easily [in]validated) information.

These sites offer an unprecented opportunity for brands and consumers to interface, and those brands to provide a strong (and engaging) social presence. Extreme caution must be used in handling any branded social media account, as numerous major brands have seen in the past couple of years.

Beyond the Basics

A complete social media plan goes far beyond two or three social media sites. While the most well-known social sites provide large volumes of traffic, plenty of other sites provide value to an overall marketing picture.

For example, Google Plus "+1's" have an effect on Google's SERPs. The right product can leverage photo-sharing sites like Instagram or the "pinboard-style" sharing of Pinterest.

Storefronts have successfully used Forsquare and Gowalla to entice customers with deals for returning to the same store. The sheer number of options available to a social media plan means you don't want to leave this in the hands of amateurs. We develop custom social media plans for each of our clients, applying the right media and optimizing your ROI.



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