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Data Brokerage

What is your data doing for you?

Whether you're looking to buy fresh opted-in data for marketing (through call centers, direct marketing, email marketing, etc.) or you have data you're not monetizing (and should be), we can help.

We leverage our network of data buyers and providers to fulfill your needs. Whether you're looking for hard-to-find leads or just want to further monetize your customer lists, we're here for you.

Delivery...however you want it!

We provide multiple secure ways for you to provide or access data, including Secure FTP/Secure Copy (SFTP/SCP), feeds over SSL connections, and PGP-encrypted email or datafiles.

Data security and quality are the most imporant aspects of any data transaction—if you can't trust the data you're already behind. We replace invalid data at no additional cost to you upon return and confirmation of aforementioned leads.

Display Brokerage

Not monetizing your page views?

Did you know? Automated media auctions are the standard in today's display market...but that doesn't bode well for you as a publisher. Automated auctions can be "tricked" into allowing malicious code and often don't even optimize their code for your page load times...which can have an adverse effect on your SEO!

Where you're thinking all you're doing is padding your pocket, you're actually hurting yourself in the long-run...and most of these companies know it, but it's their "little secret" they never share with you...

You get better ROI for every ad impression sold with our media buyers servicing your account.

Offer Brokerage

Trust a Network?

Affiliate fraud costs hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of dollars annually. Anti-affiliate fraud for networks is big business, with competing solutions. But what about networks that defraud advertisers? Eventually they go out of business, but until then...

We offer a truly private network. We don't advertise our network...anywhere. In fact, this is the only time you'll ever see it mentioned. We believe in vetting our affiliates and developing relationships with those people who will provide you the best value, not just pad the bottom line.


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