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Save on Travel and more!

Are you unhappy with your current travel solution? Maybe you want a more inclusive system, or maybe you want your employees to get the same great benefits we offer you. Take advantage of our travel products as motivation and reward offerings, or just give your employees an extra benefit (and win their loyalty)!

Perhaps you would like to provide your corporate customers with an alternative travel option, maybe as an upsell to one of your existing memberships or even as your own membership offering. Maybe you've got the perfect upsell we can provide our customers...let us know!



A Brand New Day

For years, consumers had no access to the incredible travel rates corporations and other large organizations enjoy. Effina Media turns the tables and brings these rates to the everyday consumer. These rates are not available for public access!

Whether you want to become a provider (or if you want to join our network), contact us today!


White Label

Are you ready to be the Next Big Thing in Travel?

White label our travel product for your customers or start a fun new membership program!



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