Lime Light CRM Integration

Basic Integrations

Lime Light Webforms

Lime Light offers an easy way to get started with their platform, but sometimes you don't have the technical know-how to implement their solution. We can handle all of the implementation for you (we can even set up your first few offers if you'd like to see it in action, or we can do all of the data entry if you just want to hand it off and get it done!).

API Integrations

Stepping up your integration game

Lime Light is far more powerful than the webform allows for, but you have to take advantage of their API to experience it.

Perhaps you're not ready to code the implementation yourself, but you'd really like to go beyond the "two-page marketing solution" Lime Light offers. We will install our implemenation of their API and provide you with the corresponding services you need!

White Label

Want to use your own domain?

We don't ask you to use our domains...ever. Every account comes with the option to use our information and your information is the default!

Ready to Self-Host?

If you want to completely self-host, we also license the software.

We can install the software on your system for an added cost, but offer no guarantees with self-hosted platforms.


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