Groupon™ Merchant Solution

Automating Groupon

Beyond the Developer API

Groupon has many fantastic developer APIs, but no solution for merchants wanting to integrate with their online order process. There's no automation at all, and if you're doing Internet numbers (hundreds or thousands of sales a day) you have to have automation.

We provide that automation. From checking Groupon codes in real-time to connecting every code to a sale to providing up-to-the-minute reports...and even batch-posting Groupon codes back into their system.

White Label

Want to use your own domain?

We don't ask you to use our domains...ever. Every account comes with the option to use our information and your information is the default!

Ready to Self-Host?

If you want to completely self-host, we also license the software.

We can install the software on your system for an added cost, but offer no guarantees with self-hosted platforms.


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