Directory Services


Instant Gratification? Yes, We Can!

Are you looking to start your own directory service, but you don't want to write the thousands of lines of code necessary to do that? Maybe you just don't want to spend the money on developing and maintaining the infrastructure...whatever the issue, we have you covered!

Our solution is an easy plug-and-play system. You develop your interface (or use one of our templates), tell our system whether to provide you with JSON or XML, parse it on your end, and you're ready to go! We can also provide a full integration for you (including design) and even host the software for you.

White Label

Want to use your own domain?

We don't ask you to use our domains...ever. Every account comes with the option to use our information and your information is the default!

Ready to Self-Host?

If you want to completely self-host, we also license the software.

We can install the software on your system for an added cost, but offer no guarantees with self-hosted platforms.


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