Marketing success comes from speaking the language of data...and "listening between the lines."

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How do you perceive your customers? Are they cells on a spreadsheet or individual human beings?

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Successful campaigns require an in-depth understanding of every value involved in the process.

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Once you have everything else in place, automation gives you time to grow you...and your business!

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Who Are We?

We deliver kick-ass execution through the 5 D's of marketing: Drive, Dedication, Direction, Delivery, and Data! Every effina team member embraces and embodies these attributes.

Our core team provides extensive online marketing experience (originating from the "good ol' days" of the mid- and late-1990's all the way through today). Our client portfolio consists of small businesses, mid-size companies, and even enterprise-level corporations.


  • “We came up empty-handed every time we blew money on a media buy...not anymore.”
    Colton Matthews,
  • “Performance failure is no joke. Stop wasting money, let Effina help you right away!”
    Carl Lagerhof,
  • “We thought we knew it all...Effina still improved our ROI 54%!”
    James Manchester,
    RHF Products